Battleship (April 11, 2012)

I watched this movie tonight and it was worth every centavo and late night home, it is a sci-fi movie or science fiction to be more precise. About aliens which seemed indestructible, I love this fast paced movie which thrilled me from start to finish with love story as a clincher.

I want to say it is all about chicken buritto since the story started with this sexy young woman in a bar and a crazy man who got smitten with her that he break-in a closed store just to get the chicken buritto for her. Of course he paid for it leaving cash in the counter but destroyed a lot of things in the process and was shot be stun gun by responding policemen  (why don’t we use such thing).

Next scene, he was told by his brother that he must follow what he says and join the navy, which he did and saved the earth by his amazing stategies, oh no! not really his but the Japanese navy who defeated him in football and whom he surrendered his undisciplined self and big ego (I love the show of humility when he let go of his command as the captain of the ship and let the Japanese command his men, one was a woman (Rihanna, I love her portrayal of the character). The young woman (main cast) by the way is the daughter of the Admiral (I think, was not able to focus on rank there) who also helped in thwarting the plans of the aliens to communicate with their planet (G) aided by a determined soldier who lost both legs and yet when the need for courage and action arise he overcame his disability and wonder of wonders was one of those awarded for bravery.

The hero’s brother and whole crew died in the battle with aliens and another ship had the same fate. The battleship released weapons causing complete destruction and has provided a shield that closed all lines of communications including internet.

The scenes were perfectly executed (2D) and I wonder how 3D would look like. I love the destruction (forgive me) and the strategies of the hero (the chicken buritto guy) who was able to adapt the Japanese strategy (Sun Tzu actually) and using the museum battleship and the retired soldiers manning the ship was able to defeat the aliens mother battleship. This is really the awesome part of the movie when the 70 years old ship used as museum with the brilliant strategy (be where the enemy are not) destroyed an overwhelming structure with very intelligent aliens inside (not so intelligent since they were defeated bu that was the impression) with their indestructible and more modern battleship.

The story ended with the hero asking for the hand in marriage of the young woman from his Flag Officer in Command, and was answered NO, after saving the world. The father said his daughter is a different matter from his saving the world and the answer is definitely no, but added that he needs to go since his chicken buritto is waiting. Oh well, so that’s how he knew that he passed to be a son-in-law. End of story, the chicken buritto story.


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