SJANIMA reflects the soul of the writer, SJ is her initials and anima is her unconscious mind mostly her reflections and observations that shapes her writings. She is an independent spirit working in a bureaucratic organization that promotes the welfare of women but not their employees who for a long time were not able to fully express themselves and develop their potentials. Inconsistencies of her world is expressed in her writings where she found solace in putting her thoughts into words. She has lost her husband in 2005 when he had his first heart attack, with two young daughters to raise alone, she forgot herself and was absorbed in her work. Now, with the eldest in her last year of college starting June, she has given more thoughts on how she can do more where she is happier. The youngest will be in third year high school by June 2012. These young ladies are influencing her life and her way of thinking so her anima is somewhat confused.


10 Truths about me.

  1. I am not jealous of anybody, what I have is mine by divine right.
  2. I have bouts of childishness; I never really grow up and do not pretend I did.
  3. My maturity varies with the topic or subject, I am still naïve with lots of things.
  4. Family was not an issue in my life, I always knew that I am loved.
  5. I hurt people not because I intend to but because I am tactless, no malice or pun intended.
  6. I am very transparent and do not hide anything to my disadvantage.
  7. I do lie sometimes to make someone feel good but this also makes me feel bad.
  8. My close friends are few; I am more at ease with my own company sometimes.
  9. My passion range from mundane to aesthetic.
  10. I am a work in progress. I still have much to learn.

9 thoughts on “About

  1. hello, sjanima,

    salamat sa pagdaan at sa like. 🙂 browsed thru your site and so far, liked what i saw. ^^ pleased to be here. i also like the straightforward and simple but interesting bio… regards and happy summer to you and your kids. 🙂

  2. Salamat Binibining Sa Saliw ng Awit. Nakakabighani ang iyong pagsusulat at sa malaon at madali ay makikita ng mundo ang galing ng iyong imahinasyon at pagkamalikhain. Naibahagi ko na sa facebook ang sinulat mo “sa mga siwang at pagitan” sapagkat tunay ko itong nagustuhan (super like). hindi baga sa ingles ay Spaces yun? Nakakatuwa ka! Muli akong sisinsay sa iyong pahina at mangangahangan kung amin sa Batangas.

    • “I am a work in progress. I still have much to learn.” – matapang na tao ho ang nakakapagsabi nito. mas marami ang nagsasabing “hala, ako ay hanggang dine na laang.”

      salamat po sa laging pangangahanggan, appreciate it, truly… btw, ang Sa mga siwang at pagitan ay maaring isalin sa dalawang paraan – The Spaces in Between o di kaya naman ay In the Cracks and Crevices. ayon po…^^

      ahaha, mundo ho talaga? kadalasan ho ay gusto ko lang pangaralan ang mga pamangkin ko sa aking isinusulat o kaya ay magpakilala sa mga kapatid kong di ko gaanong nakasama at wala ring gaanong tiwala sa kakayahan kong magsulat, patatawarin… anupaman, marami pong salamat. regards to you and your girls… 😉

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