Ninang hindi Abay (Principal sponsor not Bridesmaid)

A good year to start feeling good and reflecting on the last year.

On December 29, 2014, I was asked to be one of the principal sponsors in the wedding of my classmate who is based in Paris, France. His family is in Batangas and I expected lavish preparations for the wedding.

I have not accepted any request to be Ninang for a long time since I do not have a partner. The family said they would provide partner for the occasion, turns out the oldest son of my high school classmate,

At home, I was checking how I would look in the pictures.


Inside the church, I was walking down the aisle since everyone in the entourage is required to do so.


During the ceremonies, we were standing while the bride and the groom took their vows, something like promises.


After the mass, all the principal sponsors have to pose with the newly wed and my daughter said, I stick out like a sore thumb. Well, I do not know how others have prepared for this day. I only know that in Paris, you have to be fashionale.


The reception was beautiful and we were called by name to proceed in our designated seats.


Forevermore. I would omit the part where money is being pinned in the clothes of the couple and the food that were sent to us as “sabit” or gifts which should be a basis for giving to the newlywed as thrice of four times more than its amount. I gave $ and PhP 🙂

A better 2015 to all!


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