I Love Men Who Cared and They Don’t Know It

The common notion of men being macho and not caring about women is slowly being erased. One only needs to explore and saw how men really treat women, or is it how men treat women they perceived to have power.

I would never truly understand men as they never really would understand women. Men are from Mars and women are from Venus is not necessarily true, Nobody is born with preconceived notion on how to act, feel, think and behave. we are either born male or female and others change their sex based on their gender identity. I got to be more aware of this when I filled out a form for HIV screening for my travel which stated, “Sex at Birth”.

How we were raised by our parents, school, environment especially our next parents, the televison and now the internet creates the what should be and what should not be as dictated by our culture and our social status. I often say this, “why is it that Bossing is not doing the laundry in the commercial, why is it Lumen, even Carmina doing the laundry not Zoren. Not one commercial showed a man washing clothes even if they actually do. In the eyes of a child who have not seen a man wash clothes, what will be believed is that only women wash clothes. What clothes do you give a baby girl and baby boy, what toys? These are preparing them for the life they are molded to adapt, the segregation of what is for female, and for male.

Men who were born in a liberal family got over the common frames that they were molded and expected to live, even breathe. However, men also look beyond the social construct and unknowingly follows a life which respects women and girls as equals.

Driving is mostly for men, if a vehicle is slow moving, they would usually say, eh kaya pala mabagal, babae driver. it is a sexist remarks putting a woman in the box or category that was formed by the society he lives and further reinforced by the media, the commercials, teleserye, tv shows, even news reporting.

This afternoon, I was driving along Katipunan Road in C5 along with a long line of trucks. I experienced not the macho image of truck drivers. I was allowed to drive along side with them and noticed how they followed traffic rules staying on their lanes without straddling lanes and imposing their bigness along the road. My car is small and yet I felt not a trace of anxiety since these truckers are moving smoothly along the road (or is it just my luck?). Truck drivers especially long distance travelers have the image of being notorious as if they own the road but I did not experienced that nor felt it. I was gracefully allowed to change lane and even in the U-turn in Ateneo, the truck driver also turning slowed down and gave me enough space and time to maneuver. Isn’t it wonderful to have men like that in the C-5 road with notoriety for accidents due to bad drivers?

I did not see Cravings so I stopped before Pan de Manila and called the Secretariat of OPAPP to ask for directions. I was told the building is CCA and it is only the building I passed before I stopped. I cannot park on the road and luckily, Pan de Manila has space for customers and that is where I parked after driving in reverse for a short distance. The challenge is going out of the parking space. The place is elevated and there is a manhole that although covered is not flattened. it would be a very hard reverse driving for me and there is no guard to see that I am safely on my way.

I slowly drive on reverse until I hit the uneven and separated cemented cover of the manhole, there were men in the next building watching me do cautious maneuvering and hitting the sidewalk. They stand up and guided me by hand signals to go back and turn my wheel right and left until I am straight on the road in the direction I am going. These men probably just motioned their hands and made signals but I saw their faces, their expressions and how they cared, how they motioned me to be careful of the vehicles coming my way.

I was not even given a chance to press my horn or signal thanks but these men made my day. I always have a hard time doing reverese driving going out of parking but in an elevated and uneven ground, it was harder. How do you say thank you that you cared? They may be even not aware they do and I love it more. Simple gestures that you do not count and forget are the stuff that makes me put my trust in mankind.

taken from a website I forgot

taken from a website I forgot


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