Outside and Inside Timberland Heights

The Sunset over Metro Manila

ImageImage<img class="size-full wp-image" id="i-2017" alt="Image" src="https://sjanima.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/image6.jpg?w=650"


3 thoughts on “Outside and Inside Timberland Heights

    • Thanks and glad you like the sunset. Happy 2014 too. I like your blog on Taal Basilica, I have pics of that church, hanapin ko nga sa external drive ko. I also have youtube video dancing with Taal lake sa background and with Taal church. Daan ka ulit sa aking mga pahina at muli salamat sa comment and likes 🙂

      • am really fond of the sunset ho and your pics are excellent – horizon talaga, hihi. thanks, ms. S…. aysus, mahilig nga pala kayo sa visita de iglesias, like my older sisters, hehe. actually (hwag nyo sasabihin), i did that somehow to poke fun at my sisters’ penchant for visiting churches during summers, when the sun is raging… am usually okay with church visits, but am not fond of the sun’s furious glare, haha. 😉 have a fun weekend ahead…

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