Aklatang Pambansa ng Pilipinas

I never thought I will be here after decades. In those days you have to present your ID but now you must first apply for Readers Identification card and  pay fifty pesos for it. I felt like a freshman in college, after getting my ID, I went to the other side on the first floor and registered using the ID number. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



Once registered, I went to third floor, the Filipiniana Section where the theses and dissertations   are located. I check the catalog in the computers in the lobby, I was happy that I won’t be writing the title of books, author and call number/reference, only to be frustrated since I have to copy from the computer screen then rewrite on the library slip.

Oh my! It was so tedious then the librarian just wrote the aisle number and I have to go inside the look for the book myself.  I got two books which I cannot copy from and good thinking I have my camera that instead of taking notes, I was taking pictures. Back to fun life!



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