Daragang Magayon, Mayon Volcano

This morning, while I was taking a walk around Camp Simeon A. Ola in Legaspi City, Albay. I saw this beauty, the perfect cone and only a wisp of cloud covered the peak, it truly made my day beholding her fullness. Mayon Volcano is daragang magayon or beautiful lady who is so shy, she seldom shed the clouds covering her. My first day of official work in region 5, she greeted me welcome.

Mayon Volcano


6 thoughts on “Daragang Magayon, Mayon Volcano

    • Ms. Jeannie, Mt. Mayon also a volcano is always a sight to behold. It has perfect cone shape though due to lava flows, there are some marked lines. You should visit the Philippines some day and I will be your tour guide.

      Have a great week ahead! 😀

    • namimili yang si Mayon ng pagpapakitaan, he he. yes, its is so nice here, the weather, the sorrounding greeneries, malls pati and the beautiful people. happy weekend 😀

      • yes, it’s such a nice and laid back place. pero may modern mall na rin ho, doon sa may wharf. and people are pleasant and polite nga ho. hope you enjoy your stay there. gaano ho kayo katagal ryan… 🙂 happy weekend!

  1. Ms. SSA, medyo matagalan ako dito. Yes ang ganda don sa Embarcadero and the view of Mayon from that place is just as enchanting. I have posts in my facebook page, will try to get some new pics for posting.

    Have a nice week ahead! 🙂

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