Sunsets are fleeting beauties

May I borrow the phrase of someone I always converse with, and now I am apt to believe that sunsets are fleeting beauties.

I saw  a ball of fire while travelling on a deserted outskirts road in Butuan City. I asked the driver to stop so I could take a picture with my cellphone. This beauty won’t let me take her picture, it was so past shrinking,  I shouted, wait…. let me capture you first. But here is what was left, a half sun or a half smile.



3 thoughts on “Sunsets are fleeting beauties

  1. well, it maybe fleeting but it happens almost regularly. it’s a scenic beauty that does not lend itself easy to words, we are always left longing for a bit more and longer… wonderful pic, Ms. S and nice title. have a fun stay at Mindanao and kind regards 😉

      • haha, that sounds like a bit of wisdom… parang bikini principle ho ba ‘yan -yong itinuro sa amin sa public ad? hehe… or learning ninyo from having loved once with your all and everything? oops, you may answer that or not. ^^

        good day, Ms. S… hi sa Mindanao. 😉

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