Works of Art, a new beginning from learning how to draw

I should be listening to my children, this I promise to do. They are complaining I have more time in my computer and other things than being with them. To get back at me, Valerie read my posts in my blog and said she is going to sue me for posting her works of art. I told her I asked permission and she said, yes but not those from my class in school. How was I to know?

Then one night, she approached me and discussed how perspectives work and show how it was done in her formal class in art, so I must post this even if this is from school. I do not know the difference though.


Now there are other photos of her new art works in my tablet and it is mine, hope she won’t begrudge me on this. I am posting subject to her rights, only mother can post with conditional approval.


(Subject to copyright)

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4 thoughts on “Works of Art, a new beginning from learning how to draw

  1. ahaha, your daughter is very talented. mabuti ho at nadiskubre nyo agad at nabibigyan ninyo sya ng suporta. ang galing nya… say hi to her for me, please. may fan ho kanyo sya dito, hehe. ^^

    have a good weekend ahead, Ms. S… 🙂

    • Thanks Ms. SSA, todo support pero ayaw nya ipapost, ah ha ha.

      Have a great weekend. ako eh nandine sa malayong lugar ng Mindanao at hindi kapiling ang mga anak, malungkot at puro work.
      sasabihin ko ke Valerie, after I bought her stuff for drawing parang tinatamad na kasi formal class na sila. yung violin nga hindi na siya tumutugtog nagsasawa din siguro, still finding her passions.

      salamat sa pagdaan 😀

      • e, siyempre ho, nahihiya pa sya, maybe… 🙂

        ang ganda ho sa Mindanao. yon lang, mahirap daw ho sa isang ina ang malayo sa kanyang mga inakay, as in… hala, ang yaman nyo, afford nyo ang violin class for her. kayo na ang true-blue, true-to-form na nanay. welcome 😉

  2. I like the true-blue, hindi yaman, sa UP Diliman ko sya enroll ng violin lessons the other summer kasi nauna na binili yung violin.

    the problem with kids madali magsawa, hindi naisip mahal yung violin and she is very good at it, kinakapa lang minsan notes or sa internet pyesa.

    have a great weekend Ms. SSA ;p

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