The trouble with goodbye

I was in David Salon in Butuan City this morning when I realized that I haven’t much time since I am supposed to meet a friend for lunch. I just had my pedicure (colored neon pink)  and decided I will try to live a week without manicure. However,  my insensitive friend did not reply when I sent SMS and the number is either unattended or out of coverage area when I called. I always want people to be prompt and inform me in advance if there will be some adjustments that I have to make. So, instead of having my manicure I sent for the driver and back to base.

I received a message later saying that the lunch will be for Monday, ha ha ha. I was so naive to expect people are thinking like me that when I say something, it means now or today not for next week. So I would like to say goodbye, so as not to put creases on my brow. Thinking hard and looking at my attire, white sando with elaborate lace design and skinny jeans, I remembered a story about a couple similar to what I read today.

The bride was stunning in her wedding dress with her lean but proportioned body, she looked like a model or to borrow a phrase, just stepped out of a magazine cover. The groom was quite handsome but not someone you would look twice with longing, ha ha ha, quite ordinary then. The couple lived happily for several years until the wife developed flabs around the middle and the husband noticed it commenting bluntly while poking that these should be firmer and removed. It was heartbreaking for someone who always looked so beautiful and confident. Still, she did not do anything about it, thinking the husband was just making fun of her and that he loved her so much that it won’t matter to him even if he got heavier even uglier.

Unfortunately for the wife, the husband stopped having sex with her saying what used to be muscles are now fats and she is no longer desirable, to make matters worse, when they tried to have sex, the husband had erectile dysfunction. Their life together went from worse to worst and the love that they thought they had for each other is now only a memory.

The wife, realizing that she has to shed those unwanted fats to get even with the husband consulted a doctor and went into healthy diet and exercise. She kept losing weight each week and all the while she was thinking of the men who would be attracted to her, no longer her husband who hurt her feelings. The husband who was then having an affair with a much younger and sexier woman noticed the change in her wife who had developed more confidence and always looking beautiful in new clothes and accessories.

It was then that the husband saw once more the qualities she loved in her wife, the sexy, smart dresser with oozing confidence and always with sunny disposition. He tried wooing the wife again but the wife filed for annulment of their marriage. All the  love she felt for the husband was already gone. She cannot bring it back no matter how hard she tried. Even without the consent of the husband, their marriage was annulled and the funny thing was that her husband lost his appetite for sexy and young women; all he craved for is the warmth and scent of his wife.  He said he would not care if she is fat or skinny just as long as she love him again and resume life with him like before, when they were newly married. Funny thing is, I got a good look at the husband and he aged a lot, he looked a lot older than the wife, he even has paunches around the middle and he is not in good shape, in any shape imaginable.

I was thinking, why then did this scum, asked for a perfect body from his wife and the gall to tell her about flab and fats when he is also not the same man she married.

That’s the trouble with goodbye when someone can’t let go.


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