Right to self-determination

I am re-blogging, too bad.. when I should be writing even with bad grammar (no editing) since I do work directly on the net.  I have several minutes to spare before lights went out. It was announced and I am waiting for electricity to be cut off. I should be preparing for my flight back to Butuan City but here I am in front of my notebook.

When stressed out, I float doing nothing or taking out this dear notebook to write, i cannot read sometimes my handwriting, that bad. I want to say something about the right to self-determination and I am lost.

I wish I was my former self, so eloquent they say especially on things that I am very passionate about. Today I cannot seem to do things right. I have some issues I need to resolve. So, I decided to focus on my right to self-determination. Now, I am lost again, I do not know what I really want to do but I have a long list of chores and must do things.

Tomorrow will be a long day… I am praying for the best.



3 thoughts on “Right to self-determination

  1. hello Ms. SSA, I was planning to write the universal right to self determination, wala lang talagang inspiration, nagedit lang pic at yun nilagay. me classmate kasi ako naka akbay which sometimes nahiya kang alisin baka sabihin you’re so prude so I removed that hand and it was my first try in editing pics (except cropping).

    hope wala ng baha and everything is fine. sobrang init here in southern Philippines esp Butuan City. sa sobrang init, a Governor was shot last Monday flag raising, she was unharmed just shocked. two of her police security escorts shielded her and got shot instead, one is recovering and the other was airlifted to Cebu for thoracic surgery where the bullet was lodged. we have limited specialists and facilities in caraga.

    thanks for dropping by. have a nice week ahead 😀

    • hello, ms. S… you’re temporarily based in Mindanao? you have an exciting field, you get to move around a lot and meet so many people, kainggit. ahaha, napansin ko pong nagpalit kayo ng gravatar, hihi. subok pala ‘yong mag-tinker ng photos, ahihi. aliw… ^^

      ah, may two days po nitong nakaraang week na maaraw at di na makulimlim. sana nga ho ay hwag muna uling mag-uulan ng sunud-sunod at nang makarami kami sa linisin, labahin at patuyuin, hihi. pero, marami pa hong bagyo ang naka-line up, as in. mahaba-haba pa ang pila till Nov. sana nga, wala nang baha. ^^

      hala, medyo bloody ang inyong encounter. ang husay ho ng escorts ng gov, committed at alert. hope they recover – matatapat sa tungkulin, as in… ^^

      thanks for dropping by… have a nice weekend ho. regards to your family… 🙂

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