A Policeman’s Prayer

A Policeman’s Prayer (by Anonymous)

Teach me that sixty minutes make an hour,

sixteen ounces a pound, and one hundred cents a dollar.

Help me so to live that I can lie down at night with a clear conscience,

without a gun under my pillow,

and un-haunted by the faces of those to whom I bought pain.

Grant that I may earn my meal ticket on the square,

and in earning it I may do to others as I would have others do unto me –

deafen me to the jingle of tainted money

and to the rustle of unholy skirts.

Blind me to the fate of other fellow, but reveal to me my own.

Guide me so that each night when I look across the dinner table at my wife,

who has been a blessing to me, I shall have nothing to conceal.

Keep me young enough to laugh with young children,

and sympathetic enough to be considerate of old age.

And when comes the day of darkening shades and the smell of flowers,

the tread of soft footsteps and the crunching wheels in the yard –

make the ceremony short and the epitaph simple… Here lies a man.


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