Footwear or footsies

Somebody told me that about “bags and shoes” that is incomprehensible. With bags you have to match, mix or just take what would fit all your stuff, but with shoes, it is a world of difference. First is fit followed by comfort before one take on the fashionista.

My two kids have entirely different concept about shoes, the eldest have a whole room full of shoes, most of which she wear only once.

the high heeled shoes

the flat ballerina shoes

the sisters, obviously without really trying, one could guess who is wearing what.

the most comfortable shoes, easy to remove and wear, my favorite wear.

and formal shoes (findig) love this.

and my comfy flip flops as opposed to these

but I am wondering the kind of shoes that the surfer wear on this

whatever reason there may be, I love being barefoot. It was a time that I went to Kahuna, this exact place that the strap of my heeled sandals just slipped and viola! I can’t walk with a high heeled sandals without strap so I decided to eat  at the resto  barefooted and walk around the place from San Juan to the mall in San Fernando, La Union.

Walking inside the mall, the escalator and going from one store to another did not get anybody’s attention, I was wearing a maxi dress.    I can remember the look in the face of a little boy while I was trying a new shoes. He saw I was barefoot and was cleaning the sole of my shoes to try a new one. I smiled at him and he smiled at me. It was like a secret shared, he did not say a word and I glanced at him before I left, he was still smiling.

That Cinderella episode made me realize that I can wear any footwear or footsie or none at all and still feel comfortable.


3 thoughts on “Footwear or footsies

  1. hi Ms. SSA! ganda nga pero sa pool ako naligo, meron din pool yung Kahuna, nakakatakot kasi alon though meron nagtuturo mag surfing don. next time pag payat na ulit ako, I will dare to ride the waves. salamat sa pagdaan 😀

    • hala, ganyan ho ako dati, nasa Baler kami at ang ganda ng Pacific Ocean, as in… pero, kaylalaki ng alon, di kami nangahas lumangoy. surfing paradise din daw ho roon… ayon lang, not for the faint-hearted. tingnan pa lang ang mga alon parang kayang-kaya kang ihagis sa kaibuturan ng deep blue, hihi… 😉

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