we should start caring for the future, even if we did not see live dinosaurs, let our children see these beautiful creatures.

The War Fish's Lair

Throughout history, it has been the inaction of those who could have acted; the indifference of those who should have known better; the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most; that has made it possible for evil to triumph.

It is truly sad how misguided people sometimes do misguided acts…

Promoting positive coexistence between men and beasts is a major challenge for today’s generation. Fortunately, there are environmental, ecological and social movements that have painstakingly begun to grapple with this issue, both at the national and grassroots level, particularly in the community level. For these undertakings to succeed, however, massive investments in various areas are required.

A principal pillar for this coexistence is the education system. The education system requires a major paradigm shift in focus where conservation and sustainability become a core value in the education of the child. We need to invest heavily in our…

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