How To Set Goals ~ Do Whatever Makes You Happy!

By Steven French

When considering how to set goals we should consider one old saying: “life is short and we should make the most out of it”. This is the reason why we strive to live each day as if it is our last. But as we go through our lives every single day could we say to ourselves that we are truly happy with our lives?

Happiness could have various definitions for different people. A person could be happy to just be able to eat three times a day. Another could be happy to finding the right partner to spend his/her life with. Still, others are happy by having enough money to spend on what they want.

As rational beings, we are given the freedom to do whatever we want of course coupled with responsibility. So it is up to us how to live our lives to make ourselves happy. For me, being happy is a state of mind. You are the captain of your ship and you dictate what makes your life happy. If you put on your mindset that your life is such a mess no matter what you do you will never be happy. Also, if you just sit in a corner and do not do anything with your life, nothing will ever happen and life may just pass by with you not knowing what could have happened if you had taken action.

In my own life, I live by certain philosophies. I believe that in order for me to live a fulfilling life I should be able to do things that I truly love. In this manner I won’t be living a life full of regrets. Regardless of the fact on whether I would succeed or not at least I could say to myself I tried. I hadn’t wasted my precious time because I dedicated it to doing what I want and what I love. There is a big difference if we do things we really like. Every single step along the way is filled with a sense of fulfilment. We see the good in everything and we maintain a positive outlook in our lives. We have a clear picture of what we want our lives to be as we take on this journey. If you do what you love, a task or a job is not considered work. It becomes fun and you look forward everyday to whatever challenges may come your way.

I also believe that if you love what you do you are never far from the happiness you have been yearning even if you are not doing what you love. There is a significant difference between the two. In my second philosophy what I am trying to say is that even if life is not going your way or according to plan if you learn to love the current situation you are in, if you learn to love whatever it is you are doing even if it is not what you exactly wanted you will still be happy.

I had this experience when I started working. The bank was the last place I could imagine myself working in. The pay was just average and the work well was just fine but it wasn’t what I really wanted. But as the weeks progressed into months I learned to love my job. Everyday was an exciting day for me as I looked forward to meeting new clients as well as the existing ones. A plus factor also was the colleagues I worked with who treated me like family. Because I loved what I did, I still felt happy and fulfilled.


In life the choices we make will either make us happy or leave us miserable but in the end what counts when thinking about how to set goals are not the years we put into our lives but the “life” we put into our years.


Remember that you are always influencing your life: You ever see those time travel movies where a person steps on something and changes the future?…Everything we do right now in this moment is changing the future. Every thought, word, and action. Because today, you’ve lived your life in a positive manor through the Quote you have chosen at random you have changed the world and life forever. — The quote may have inspired you to be nice to people. As you bought you morning cup of coffee you held the door for a man, he was just a man to you. In actuality, he was suicidal, you showed care for him, he took kindly to that, you saved his life just by reading a simple quote. — Have you ever seen Benjamin Button? If not watch it, it applies this philosophy. (William James wrote about this – read him for more about this philosophy and proof – or just accept it and start to change the world.)



long way down but the ride is slow, no adrenalin rush.

What can you do to enhance your motivation and awaken the power that will push you toward accomplishing your dreams, small and big? Here are a few suggestions:
1. Set a goal. If you have a major goal, it would be a good idea if you split it into several minor goals, each small goal leading to your major goal. In this way, you will find it easier to motivate yourself, as you will not feel overwhelmed by the size of your goal and the things you have to do, and the goal would seem more feasible and easier to accomplish.
2. Understand that finishing what you start is important. Hammer into your mind that whatever you start you have to finish. Develop the habit of going to the finish line.
3. Socialize with achievers and people with similar interests or goals, since motivation and positive attitude are contagious. Associate with motivated people, who share your interests.
4. Never procrastinate anything. Procrastination leads to laziness, and laziness leads to lack of motivation.
5. Persistence, patience and not giving up despite failure and difficulties keep up the motivation to succeed.
6. Read about the subjects of your interest. This will keep your enthusiasm and ambition alive.
7. Constantly affirm to yourself that you can and will succeed.
8. Look at photos of things you want to get, achieve or do.
9. Visualize your goals with happiness and joy.
Remember, if a certain goal is really important, you need motivation to keep you going.

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