Leb die sekunde

Live the moment here and now, they hold firmly. Otherwise, it’s gone – leb die sekunde

Time is fleeting and it passes away so quickly. My children have grown; both of them were born when I was still with the Crime Laboratory. During those days I had to bring my eldest at the office even stayed with me in my 24 hours duty, red alert (no going home) and Christmas duties and even when I was testifying in court, she sat at the front row while I sit on the witness stand.

There was a time a baby girl who was a victim of child abuse (her mother burned her with a hot iron on her body) and had undergone medico-legal examination was crying uncontrollably. I was on duty then with Patz, the baby was very hungry and the DSWD personnel did not provide milk, so, I gave Patz bottle and milk and diapers. The DSWD then were not very responsive on the needs of rescued children. That was many years ago.

Patz and I were on duty during a storm, I remembered her saying, “mommy sumasayaw yung puno”. There was no fear in her and even I was fearless then, we travelled together to Tuguegarao, Cagayan, toLaoagCity,LegaspiCityand many other places to attend court duties. The youngest wasn’t born yet with 5 years gap in their age. Life was good then and every day was a challenge, we live each moment.

When the youngest was born, I am no longer with the technical division having been designated as staff officer, Assistant Director for Operations, Plans and Intelligence. My job made me work on weekends and holidays but I sometimes take the midweek day off,  to rest. My bosses were great, I had made great strides for the Crime Laboratory in improving its systems and processes, highlighting its cutting edge in investigation. We won the national award for two consecutive years for showing the results of our work, we were performance –based even then and outcome-driven. But I have to leave when I was given a scholarship for Master’s Degree through competitive exam by the Civil Service Commission.

When I returned after 15 months, armed with my Action Plan and Project (APP) as “pasalubong” to my organization, nobody wanted it. It was, “Developing Quality Service through Certification of Forensic Examiners” (copy with CSC and National Library),   and in 1999, people are opposed to change and “culture of excellence”. I had to leave and after 10 years, the Director who is now the Deputy Chief, PNP for Administration (no.2 in hierarchy) knew about the NAPOLCOM Resolution which was the output of my  APP/thesis. He started implementing the certification program. It was also the basis for the application of ISO of the Crime Laboratory.

Fast forward, 12 years after leaving, I have to go back not with a heavy heart but the memories of my children walking the grounds of Crime Laboratory, sleeping in the barracks, or in a cot in a room inside my office. My re-assignment is effective June 1, 2012.  There is anxiety and I will make it creative tension to ensure that the Performance Governance System/Balanced Scorecard of the PNP will be instituted in the Crime Laboratory. I foresee oppositions and I have been gathering my allies to make this organization perform better and build the sense of pride for all its personnel.

What more can I ask? Leb die sekunde.


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