I did not left my heart in San Francisco

The coldest summer I experienced was in August 2005 in the bay area of San Francisco, California. We landed direct flight from Philippines to Los Angeles where we stayed for one week as guests of FBI before we travel by land to San Francisco. LA is just like Baguio City in temperature and I did not bring heavy clothing since it is supposedly summer time. I stayed for another week in San Francisco before going back home.

Going to California with my classmates, they were cautioned not to talk in group inside the plane, ha ha ha.

The famous San Francisco Bridge, I am surprised it is not a Golden Gate Bridge but orange in color. The fog almost totally hid it from view.

This is the most interesting street I’ve ever seen, the crooked street of San Francisco,

And of course, I want to be in this crooked street.

I enjoyed looking at Victorian houses, the fort that we visited, the twin peaks and the profusion of flowers but it was very cold.

It was so bleak and gray, the flowers did not improved my moods, I still long for the sunshine and the tropical climate. I loved the seals in the bay and the view of Alcatraz but I did not venture that far. I am freezing, lonely and unhappy.


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