It rained hard yesterday, from a very hot and humid day. I felt a sense of foreboding knowing we will have to travel far and the road is slippery. I am praying while our government owned red plate vehicle was traversing the SLEX. The van in front of us had a burst tire and we almost bumped into it while it slowly took the side road. The rain was pouring hard and I felt sadness, I started talking to my classmates to ease the tension and slowly everyone is lightening up. We are going to Batangas for our seminar workshop but since our professors have other engagement, we left the school just after lunchtime. I did not eat anything except for bread pan followed by water. I want to eat full meal, I am feeling low. We were not prepared for this day. My professor lived in this area in Southwoods, we met in front of this churchImage

I tried to remove all negative thoughts and focus on how to make things better, we were given only two villas when we arrived. We cannot put these females and males together although some of the male are effeminate, confirmed homosexuals. My professor admitted it in few words and so with three others, that leaves only 5 males and 18 females.  I decided to put all males together in one villa and the 18 females in another. We cleared the room so it would serve as our function room.,things go nicely from then on. Some complained they could not sleep well and I told them you would not sleep but I ordered 5 mattresses which served as seats during our seminar. The men did not request for mattress and used only 2 spare ones. They  were not able to sleep, whereas the women lined the mattresses and had a good night or shall I say morning rest.


These men are always expecting women to take care of them and when left alone could not think any better. They suffered in silence when they could have better sleeping condition. Meanwhile, we explored once again the water pool and jacuzzi.


When  we arrived, I took these pictures. I had previous post of this place in Batangas and I always love coming here if only to take in the view and the big ferns and plants, the torch flowers below and the hanging bridge.





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