Paoay Church, one of the oldest and most remarkable of the Churches of the North

In the 1500, Spain colonized the Philippines through cross or Christianity making Filipinos slaves like the maker of the Pyramids of Egypt. The Paoay church was built by Augustinian friars in 1593  from rocks carved from the rivers and taken from the sea and using molasses to bind the bricks.


the unique design of the walls and its more than 2 meters wide thick walls which  makes the interior of the church cold even on the hottest day.Image

the church Belfry made of bricks with moss covering some parts on the top.


my favorite part of the church are the closed windows which held the secrets of the 500 years of its existence.


this is where the priest delivers the sermon after reading the Gospel, an interesting part, the pulpit which can no longer be found in modern churches


all the excitement of seeing an old church can be gleaned from just a glimpse of the church structural design.



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