MRRs and APPs

Management Research Report (MRR) and Action Plan and Project (APP) were the kind of the kind of thesis I wrote. These are not the usual bookcase type of study one wrote and displays without even understanding much less reading value. Lots of assessment, evaluation, comparative study and many others were the typical student output before graduating from an MA or Masters degree program.

 Luckily, I was educated in a totally different mold, one where breaking traditions (bad ones anyway) and going beyond oneself was the order of the day. Interesting huh! and challenging that some had nervous breakdown while others simply snap and go lunatic.

Thesis or equivalent study is the culminating output of the student to show the integration of learning. MRR and APP are both focused on using management tools not just the statistics for data analysis but strategy to address the identified problems. Action plan or implementation/execution with clearly identified responsibilities and budget allocation are the hallmarks of APP and MRR. These studies are therefore not for bookshelf or bookcase but its recommendations needs to be  executed, thereby bridging the gap between the identified problem and its solution.


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