Impressions and Mind frames

Why do people look only at the surface?  I had this wonderful experience in Well, I joined this social network just for fun and show my other half, the fun part of me. It turned out that this new media really caters to the baser instincts of people and forgets the deep seated values inculcated in our developing years.

It was fun to write here how it went but the essence is that, a police officer is viewed as someone on the field, maybe directing traffic or investigating criminals, nothing else except patrolling and maintaining peace and order in the heat of the sun or under heavy rains.

Little did this person who messaged me know that the police work is a multidisciplinary service. We have lawyers, doctors, engineers and yes, managerial positions, for how could an organization possibly grow without the technocrats? He intimated that it was funny where the government get funds for my Master’s degrees or how could my wage support my studies. If such was the mind frames of a lot of people, it is no wonder why there is very little respect for the police force.

Maybe it is time to shift their mindset and tell them that their policemen and policewomen are not the lowly public servants but a professional organization with highly educated, well-trained personnel with excellent values and integrity, in short they are competent and professional except for a few  that were highlighted by the media. For quite sometime the police officers are the butt of jokes, with big tummies or beer bellys, stupid and everything unsavory.

Let us re-frame our mind set. The requirements for entering the police police force based on the Qualification standards are: Bachelors Degree graduate (4 years or higher), with eligibility (CSC professional exam or NAPOLCOM examination, Board or Bar passers), physically and mentally fit, meaning they undergo strict physical, medical and neuro-psychiatric examinations. There may be flaws in some recruitment process but it should be treated as exception not the rule.

The Philippine Civil Service System provides   fort he continuing professional development of the people in government towards excellence. Only the best should serve or work in the government, that is the reason why in the times of Confucius in China, meritocracy was first established through competitive examination. We have followed this system of examination as gauge fro merit and of course the performance on the job for the career development. Police work like any other job should be based on merit and fitness and if such was violated, there comes the problem that one reads in the papers.

The one who messaged me mentioned my picture in civilian while in the office, I told him I wear the uniform while working  and there was no law prohibiting me from wearing civilian clothes unless it would run counter to policies of the organization. Funny that even the funds for my studies which were from scholarship of CSC and other source would be mentioned by this person and topped by the issue of second hand helicopters which were forced (impliedly) to be purchased by the organization. I cannot comment on that except for what I also read in the papers since I am not privy to the transaction. What is clear is that some unthinking people jump to conclusions by mere appearances and their mind frames.

It is an excellent job with a lot of challenges and for more than twenty years I thrived and moved up the ladder, this time I was being stalled but I know that in due time, my perseverance would bear fruit. Life is short so let us not be captivated by impressions and mind frames.

I told this person, I haven’t asked you what you do for a living and have not think badly of you since you seemed to wonder why, I am just telling you, “why not?”.

Let us re-frame, instead of why, let us ask, “why not?’  Carpe diem!


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