Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Under Inquiry









Some 31,000 students, faculties and employees from Polytechnic University of the Philippines form a human rainbow) in the early morning of Saturday at Manila’s Rizal Park, Philippines (Sept 2004. The feat landed in the Guinness Book of World Records, beating the Hong Kong Polytechnic University human rainbow record with 11,500 participants in 2002 and Malta with 11,750 participants in November of 2003 –http://www.tribuneindia.com/2004/20040919/world.htm


MANILA, Philippines—Four Philippine universities made it in the Top 200 Asian Universities for 2011, career and education network QS reported.

Philippines’ Number 1 is the University of the Philippines, which ranked at Number 62 in Asia. It was followed by the Ateneo de Manila University (No. 68 in Asia), University of Santo Tomas (No. 104 in Asia), and De La Salle University (No. 107 in Asia)

Eleven universities occupied the 201+ ranking in Asia, which included the Mindanao State University, Xavier University, Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Silliman University, Father Saturnino Urios College, Mapua Institute of Technology, Adamson University, Saint Louis University, Central Mindanao University, University of San Carlos, and University of Southeastern Philippines.- Philippine Daily Inquirer (PDI), May 28, 2011

Fast forward, July 6, 2011 PDI

Students of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines in Sta. Mesa, Manila, on Wednesday staged a protest denouncing the decision of the Board of Regents appointing Edicio de la Torre as officer in charge to temporarily replace former university president Dante Guevarra.

Led by PUP student regent Rommel Aguilar, around 50 students rallied in front of the university and condemned the board resolution on July 4 appointing De la Torre, while pushing for the extension of Guevarra’s administration.

Aguilar said De la Torre’s appointment meant overlooking other qualified members of the academe who know the culture and the system within the state university better.

He lamented that during the deliberation of the evaluation committee on Monday, Guevarra rated way below outstanding despite his good performance, which resulted in the appointment of De la Torre.

Friday, July 8th, 2011 PDI reported

On July 4, the PUP board of regents issued a resolution appointing De la Torre as OIC. A day after, Guevarra  filed a certiorari and mandamus petition with the Manila RTC to stop the board from implementing it decision and to nullify the resolution completely.

Guevarra’s petition included an application for preliminary injunction, and the three-day TRO which Reyes granted and Pampilo extended.

In his two-page order, Pampilo explained he was extending the TRO “in order to avoid or prevent the eruption of violence in the PUP campuses.” He also ordered Guevarra to pay a P20,000 cash bond.

While hearings on the petition are ongoing, Guevarra will remain in his post as PUP president in a holdover capacity.

In his petition, Guevarra argued that De la Torre’s appointment was in violation of the Higher Education  Modernization Act of 1997 and that the board committed grave abuse of discretion when it issued its  resolution on De la Torre’s appointment.

“When the incumbent president expresses his desire for reappointment… only after [he] is found to be qualified and eligible per standards set by the board may they exercise their discretion either to proceed with the search…or do away with the conduct of the search,” Guevarra said in his petition.

He added the board of regents should have performed a quantitative evaluation based on statistics, instead of just deciding based on qualitative and subjective analysis.

In Friday’s hearing, Guevarra’s counsel also pointed out that the board resolution was being protested by the student community. Throngs of students showed up at the Branch 26 court room to show support for Guevarra’s petition.

On Wednesday, students also walked out of classes at the PUP main campus in Sta. Mesa, Manila, to dramatize their opposition to De la Torre’s appointment.

The board of regents, represented by the Office of the Solicitor General, in turn, argued that “there is no causal connection between the issue of whether [Guevarra] can seat in a holdover capacity and the violence that might erupt by virtue of the non-representation of students in the search committee,” Pampilo said  in his order.(quoted from news)

What has been so disturbing is the statement of the OIC that his lawyers advised him to defy the orders of the Court, when it was based on solid grounds such as subjective evaluation of the performance of the PUP President.

One should visit PUP now since the famous throwing and burning of chairs and you would see a very clean and much improved campus with the new constructions of buildings and facilities, refurbished classrooms and efficient service to students. The tuition of students in the undergraduate school remain at P12.00 per unit with quality education.

Whoever said from UP that PUP produces only clerk and secretaries is not well aware of how good these people are. They belong to the lower bracket income in the society and has improved their lot becoming successful entrepreneurs, government employees and private sector employees, they were known for their hard work and integrity. According to the one from PUP in answer to the obvious maligning words (pang-aapi) of the UP former President on the clerk and secretaries, “these are the best clerk and secretaries who moved the bureaucracy run  by graduates of UP who were high ranking officials in the country and where are we now, because of this elite UP graduates who run the country sans ethics and love of country,.


The PUP inquiry must be resolved in a just and fair means. The OIC, I was told was 68 years old, meaning he cannot be appointed in the four-year term. Why appoint him as OIC when there are better candidates if the present President will not be in holdover capacity?.


“Law and order exist for the purpose of establishing justice and when they fail in this purpose they become the dangerously structured dams that block the flow of social progress”Martin Luther King, Jr.


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