The Lady Mayor Punch

The lady Mayor of Davao City, Sara Duterte has shown she really cared and is doing her job well. She was in the flooded area of Davao City where at least 29 people died in flash flood when she called the Sheriff to delay the demolition so that she can properly attend to these people who will be losing their houses. The news today carried the incident.

DAVAO CITY—In a startling show of temper, Mayor Sara Duterte on Friday assaulted a court sheriff who was bent on demolishing houses in a contested property in Barangay (village) Soliman in the district of Agdao despite her request for a 2-hour deferment. Sheriff Abe Andres took four blows in the left eye, the face and the back, and was taken to hospital shortly afterwards by the mayor’s bodyguard. – Philippine Daily Inquirer, July 2, 2011

I posted this  in facebook – action speaks louder than words. sometimes you got to punch to deliver your message well and you have proven that the lady Mayor got balls to act rather than delve on rhetoric. remember that even Jesus got mad and throw away the wares of peddlers in the house of worship, so much for being a gentlewoman or a lady, it is acceptable to show your anger.

We are becoming a bunch of hypocrites that we need to be civilized when we certainly feel the urge to punch somebody. Inday Sara is a real lady by my description. She can carry a punch and she does not need to use threat to send her message across. She is now more popular then our President by showing the right way in the “tuwid na daan” by having the heart for the oppressed and the downtrodden.

I think P-Noy should start singing, “Be my lady….”


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