How did I got the habit of learning?

How did I got the habit of learning?

The present age offered a vast and multitude ways of learning but I have observed that habit and love of learning is hard to develop. Search engines like google or yahoo provide answer to almost any question. Habit of learning is delegated to those who have no access to the internet or those who in the early part of their lives were introduced to different places and stories through reading books.

When I was a kid, I read comics and Tagalog magazines, Pinoy comics and Liwayway are the favorites. Those were replete  with pictures and stories that are interesting, some funny and some evokes emotions that a young mind would conjure images in mind to pursue thinking of how to alleviate situation or do something better.

Love of reading and habit of learning were the twins born out of my quest for knowledge. These were nurtured by the mentors that I have met in formal and informal studies. I thirst and hunger for knowledge and know that my search will never end.


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